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Rich Internet Application Market Share

RIA Market Penetration and Global Usage

This report compares the market penetration and global usage comparing Adobe Flash, Microsoft SilverLight and Java. Try out the Report Filters below to see how things like operating system, browser and residential vs. corporate connection impact the results.
Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Feb '14 - Jul '14 monthly 3D Column All Browsers All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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Wikipedia Definition:
Rich Internet applications (RIAs) are web applications that have some of the characteristics of desktop applications, typically delivered by way of an Ajax framework, proprietary web browser plug-ins, advanced javascript compiler technology, or independently via sandboxes or virtual machines. Examples of RIA frameworks that require browser extensions include Adobe Flash, Java/JavaFX and Microsoft Silverlight, whilst examples of RIA frameworks that make comprehensive use of JavaScript include GWT and Pyjamas.
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You can view Windows Media Player usage compared to other plugins at:

mburns 6/24/10 10:36AM

What will HTML5 look like when it gains adoption?
What does Windows Media traction look like?

This table is almost useful.

ziptie 6/24/10 10:33AM

Is that mobile supports Flash except Iphones?

michelle 5/25/10 1:38AM

This report has limited utility as it does not include iPod/iPhone/iPad info.

iPad user 4/11/10 8:38AM

What I would like to see on there is Adobe AIR as well.

Although AIR uses Flash, it requires a seperate download and thus the marketshare would be vastly different to Adobe Flash.

Robert MacLean 2/26/10 9:40AM

where is the report for Nov. 2009?

Anonymous 12/1/09 10:16AM

Flash may be showing a decline due to the increased web usage by mobile devices.

Matt Watson 6/5/09 6:19PM

I wish you would have Ajax there as well with the most common toolkits - very useful for many vendors and IT shops.

R 6/4/09 4:02PM

It seems that Silverlight plugin keep spreading and it's doing it quite fast, maybe related to some of the sports channel offering realtime streaming over the web. I personally think that it's serving better quality over other options, but it's just a personal opinion biased with my relation to Blend and Silverlight.

Anyway, I don't really understand why Flash seems to be trending down during the last 6 months... it doesn't make senses to me, it's so spread that going down is quite strange.

Miguel Jiménez 5/2/09 6:56AM

SamSousa, that may happen due to a number of factors, like new computers that have no Flash (or Flash disabled) getting connected to the internet. It doesn't go down, really, it just fluctuates on the top 2%-3% with slight variations over time since other computers update or install Flash at the same time. This has been the case with the official stats over the years, so it's not surprising to see it here.

Tim 4/10/09 7:21AM

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