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Web Browser Market Share

Web Browser usage analysis and market penetration statistics

This report displays information on web browser market share and usage. Also known as "browser wars", the statistics below analyze the amount of market penetration attained by browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Google Chrome. We only list browsers that have amassed at least 0.1% of the market share during the selected time period.

You can view this report utilizing trend charting by visiting the Web Browser Market Share Trend page.

Date Range Interval Chart Type Browser Operating System Search Engine Connection
Oct '13 - Mar '14 monthly 3D Pie All Browsers All Operating Systems All Search Engines All Connections

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Wikipedia Definition:
The term "browser wars" refers to the competition for dominance in the web browser marketplace. The term is used to denote two specific periods of time: the competition between market-dominating Netscape Navigator and its eventual defeat by Microsoft Internet Explorer during the late 1990s, and the competition from 2003 onwards between the dominating Internet Explorer and several other emerging browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and, since mid-2008, Google Chrome.
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    Microsoft unleashed a refreshed Internet Explorer 11 Web browser for desktop and mobile during its Build 2014 conference on Wednesday. The updated browser adjusts itself to suit users' smartphones, tablets, and laptops and is now available on Windows ...
  User Comments  
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When are the reports coming back? Seems like the reports are broken.

hpc 8/26/13 6:42PM

Yes it disagrees with statcounter, that because statcounter is rubbish. Statcounter is based on total clicks, not unique sources. While this is a great number for Google it is considered worthless by most people who know anything about statistics.

Jac 2/13/13 3:27PM

On which date do you update the statistics?

Anonymous 10/17/12 6:18AM

Per the About Data page, this data is from US sources only. The link you referred to is from global sources and not a general audience. That data is from anyone that wants to add the code to their site.

Anonymous 7/25/12 10:19AM

You're data seem to disagree with others. reports 38.65% compared to you're 51.42% for the month of December.

lucek 3/20/12 11:49AM

this is a great tool/site however, where do i find how you made those calculations? estimations? (geo, # of users...)

any view in which i can see by country/continent..?


heimer 12/13/09 5:58AM

Re: Alexey

This site focusses on compiling aggregate Internet trends worldwide although it does appear to be currently skewed on US-based traffic IMHO. Hopefully they add the ability to filter based on geographic region eventually - the site appears pretty new so they may not have gotten to that just yet.

I personally really like the worldwide view and think this site does a better job than any other sites I have seen offering this information. I can use the aggregate Internet usage data and compare that to the usage on my sites to draw useful comparisons and gain additional insights.

toowired 4/9/09 10:19AM

Yes, these graphs are shiny, but it is clear that this kind of statistic is pointless because of overgeneralization.

Actually, market share for browser depends at least on two variables: geographical preferences (user habits within certain countries or areas) and website audience (which, in turn, depends on website type).

For example, I live and work in Russia and support several health related websites - the browser shares for the audience are: MSIE (all variants) - 50%, Opera (9.x) - 25% (!!!), Firefox (all variants) - 22%.

Another example - take any webdev related site - Firefox and Safari values will be much higher.

That's why - Know YOUR audience!!

Alexey 3/21/09 1:28PM